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    Lincoln Hooper

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    273 Queen Anne Road
    Harwich, MA

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    (508) 430-7598 Fax

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     Harwich Parks and Beaches
    The Park Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of:
    • Brooks Park
    • Exchange Park
    • Doane Park
    • Larsen Park (Wychmere Overlook)
    • Millennium Park
    • Village Green
    • Whitehouse Field
    • Steven W. Potter Field
    • Senior Memorial Softball Field
    • McPhee Soccer Field
    • Bike Trail
    • 19 Memorial Squares
    • Grounds of all Town buildings


    Routine maintenance for these areas includes mowing, raking, pruning, watering, preparation of athletic fields, irrigation repairs, and general cleanup.

     Summer Duties

    During the summer season, this department is also in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of Town-owned beaches and restrooms, including:

    • Belmont Road Beach
    • Pleasant Road Beach & Restrooms
    • Grey Neck Road Beach
    • Earle Road Beach
    • Brooks Road Beach
    • Various Campground Area Beaches
    • Sea Street Beach
    • Bank Street Beach & Restrooms
    • Merkle Beach
    • Neel Road Beach
    • Red River Beach & Restrooms
    • Pleasant Bay Beach
    • Cahoon Road Beach (Long Pond)
    • Fernandez' Bog Beach (Long Pond) & Restrooms
    • Seymour Pond Beach
    • Hinckley's Pond Beach
    • Sand Pond Beach & Restrooms
    • Allen Harbor Restrooms
    • Wychmere Harbor Restrooms
    • Schoolhouse Municipal Parking Lot Restrooms
    • Brooks Park Restrooms